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Is the blue suit boring?

Dernière mise à jour : 24 oct. 2020

No, the blue suit you wear to the office, perhaps by obligation, should not be boring.

And you don't need to take risks to avoid that!

What will my colleagues think? That's what we often hear when we suggest to our client a color other than grey or blue, a marked pattern or other distinctive fabric, even while remaining in the socially acceptable business categories.

But this is not new, the choices have been in front of us for a long time. This is the great advantage of made-to-measure; to choose.

Just take a fabric with character, a slight pattern or an interesting texture either by its weave or finish like flannel in winter. No need to go further. I mean, you can.

This pattern can be a Prince of Wales, marked checks as in our pictures or more melted, slight houndstooth, etc. The drapers, our suppliers of beautiful fabrics, do a tremendous job of creating new options over and over again in blue and every other color for that matter.

The Prince of Wales pattern was created in early 19th century for the Scottish who did not belong to a clan and therefore were not permitted to wear a tartan. It adopted the name "Prince of Wales" after it was worn and popularized by King Edward VII and Edward VIII.

The texture is not visible from a distance, but what a pleasure to choose a fabric that is different without going overboard. Obviously, it is possible to do the same with the traditional grey suit.

You might think that the suit itself is annoying to wear. Having fun wearing a suit could take time, especially if you have the following problems: poor jacket construction (poor quality fused canvas), a fabric with too much synthetic, or an unsuitable fit.

What doesn't help is that it's very likely to encounter all these problems at once. What they have in common is they make you sweat, restrict your movements, do not adapt to your body (no thermal regulation, nonexistent molding of the plastron on the body) and above all do not resist to time. Obviously with these problems, wearing a suit is not a pleasure.

Careful choice, once again, is the solution: A jacket canvas that envelops you, a beautiful fabric that breathes and thermoregulates, and a cut that is just right for you.. On top of that, a suit that will last longer!

You don't have to adapt to the garment any more; the garment gets adapted for you.

So, does that blue suit still sound boring to you?


And even if you do not wear a suit, we can no doubt suggest a great selection of fine fabric for your custom-made jacket, pants, shirts or polo shirts.


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